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Welcome to the official web site of Momchilgrad Municipality


On www.momchilgrad.bg you can find a lot of information about the part of Momchilgrad, you will learn more of the activities of local government, you will get acquainted with the strategic vision for the future of the region.

On www.momchilgrad.bg you can search for an investment tender, to comment on the monthly poll or in the forum of municipality.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on www.momchilgrad.bg.

We hope, that the information, which it offers and the e-services given through it, will be important and necessary to you. We wish all of you, the users of http:/www.momchilgrad.bg/ to find what you are interested in, and in case something is missing to inform us to add it.

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Municipality of Momchilgrad,

6800, Kardzhali

No12, 26 dekemvri str.  

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Office of the Mayor

(00359) 3631/ 6051; 7841; 7849


(00359) 3631/6527; 7019; 7865